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About Us

At Gard’s Lawn Maintenance we have found in talking to our clients that there a void in delivering professional lawn care at a fair value. We believe in making things as easy as possible for our clients and have leveraged technology and efficiency to deliver that very thing to our clients.

We have three core values that help us stand out in a crowd of providers to choose from.

Integrity: As easy a term this is to throw around, we are a Christian family-owned business and if we hold ourselves to the highest standard. That being said things happen sometimes! I wish we were a perfect no mistakes made kind of company; rest assured if anything ever does happen while we are servicing your property if we are responsible, we will take care of it! We are fully licensed and insured and you will not see us shy away from our mistakes, we embrace them as a learning opportunity!

Simplicity: We are not a company that takes an “all your outdoor needs” kind of approach. We do offer a variety of different services however we are here to make your lawn beautiful. With certification from the state of Missouri in ornamental and turf management, to our partnerships with our suppliers and our commitment to always expanding our knowledge you can let us handle the yard knowing it is receiving the best care possible.

Transparency: The last core value we have established is being as transparent as possible. This one is very easy to explain if we can’t properly service your property or its not the right fit for the kind of equipment we use we will tell you right away. We don’t take a “fake it til you make it approach”. Not every single person and every single yard is going to fit our business model and that is ok! We network with contractors in the area and if we are not the right provider for you we will let you know!

Full disclosure: Our core values also represent the kind of homeowners we want to do business with. If these core values do not align with yours, we will ultimately not be a good fit for each other.