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Do you want your lawn looking it's best all season long? Try our 6 step program. 

6- Step Fertilizer and Weed control program

At Gard’s Lawn Maintenance we don’t just make your lawn beautiful we also create a healthy turf area for you to enjoy all year long. We have partnered with suppliers that provide us the most cutting-edge fertilizer and weed control products available. The suppliers we use are in the transition zone (the same zone as us!) so with our partnership we are able to create a very region specific fertilizer and weed control program for the Kansas City area.

Step 1) Our first fertilizer and weed control step is a pre-emergent crabgrass and other broadleaf weed control such as dandelions, clover and chickweed the fertilizer will also help wake the yard up from its winter dormancy. This service will be performed very early in the spring.

Step 2) Our second step of the fertilizer and weed control program is a broadcast post-emergent spray to help control any breakthrough from the first treatment. This will be the only broadcast treatment performed unless we notice other issues such as POA annual, fungus or other conditions conducive to turf damage. 

Step 3) This is the second pre-emergent control measure for crabgrass and other weeds. There will also be another slow-release fertilizer to help the lawn establish a healthy root system prior to the hot summer conditions we have in the Kansas City area. 

Step 4) This is another root building fertilizer treatment and is also a preventative grub control treatment. This step is vital to help the lawn care program succeed, your grass will likely still go dormant if it’s a cool season lawn however it will bounce back much quicker in the fall!

Step 5) This will be the fall restoration fertilizer, as your yard begins to come out of summer dormancy this will help it bounce back as quickly as possible and help it come back to a green color. This is also a fantastic time to address aeration and over seeding which is a service we over at a discounted rate for our fertilizer and weed control clients. 

Step 6) This fertilizer and weed control treatment is your winterizer fertilizer, this is a very slow-release fertilizer that is designed to be applied in the late fall/ early winter to help slowly supply nutrients to the yard. It is designed to be applied with some leaves on the ground so do not worry if you haven’t raked the yard yet. It will get to the soil through disturbances such as wind, rain and foot traffic.

Very Important side note**

During the 2022 season we had excessive drought conditions in the area, so we were able to see side by side comparisons to our program vs our competitors and DIY programs. During our observations we noticed that the lawns that were being treated with 4 step programs and even one that were 7 or 8 steps that the leaf blades on the grass were nice and big with very weak and small root structures. When excessive heat and drought conditions come about that is when you see the difference between our program and the generalized programs big companies or DIY programs are built on. 

When you have a “top heavy” lawn typically that is an indicator of a heavy liquid fertilizer or too much nitrogen being applied to the lawn. When you introduce too much nitrogen it forces the blades to grow and expend all its energy on that as opposed to building the root system which will create a healthy robust lawn. 

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