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Gard's Lawn Maintenance MOWING

When we come to your property we are going to be completely thorough in our service.

Lawn Mowing Service in Liberty, MO

At Gard’s Lawn Maintenance we believe every lawn deserves the chance to be beautiful. That starts with a solid routine mowing schedule, we only offer weekly mowing here. What that means for you is that you can count on us never overbooking the schedule and keeping things as routine as possible. If you’ve ever had to call your previous service provider to remind them to come service your property you know how frustrating that can be! We use an automated routing system to keep things on track, you won’t find a sheet of paper with names scribbled and crossed off with us. Based on the feedback we have received from our numerous new clients we have found reliability to be important to them and have leveraged technology to our advantage. 

Every service includes in order edging all hard surfaces, trimming all the areas the mower can’t reach, mowing the grass to the correct height each time and blowing off all hard surfaces and garden beds. A lot of our clients have said we left their property cleaner than it was prior to us arriving! We use these same 4 steps for every single property to ensure quality and because that gives the cleanest appearance possible.

At the end of the day cutting grass is simple, and we want your experience to be as smooth and easy as possible.